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Originally Posted by W.R.Buchanan View Post
If the gun has its original 2 groove barrel and it shoots 1.5MOA you've got a winner.

Leave it alone, and just shoot it. M2 Ball ammo is what would have been used in it during the war. It is 150 gr flat based bullet @2800 fps. using IMR4895 at 45-48 gr depending on the lot of powder. They were looking at velocity so the trajectory of the bullet would match the sights. They jockeyed the charge around for each lot of powder used during the loading so the trajectory, and thus the sight graduations, would match

If you reload, then a copy of the Hornady Manual with load data for the M1 Garand is a good source for more information.

Not very many rifles from that era are sub MOA like today. For what it is intended for, the accuracy of that rifle is more than usable. In fact it is pretty good.

I cant remember off the top of my head if it is 2 groove or not.
I am gonna try the surplus stuff I picked up to see if it likes that better. Also haven't tried the Garand specific hornady match either. I guess the fusion just caught me off guard. The groups were massive, haha. I figured the rifle would be closer to a 1 moa shooter then a 2 moa shooter.
Thanks for the load info. I'm not reloading now but plan on getting into it in the future.
It most certainly is usable right now though. I know it's no modern bench rest gun but the way I was hitting plates out to 300 yards with it, the rifle would make a perfect hunting setup. I guess I'm just asking too much out of it, lol.

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