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Default Springfield 1903 What ammo do you use?

For all the guys with 03s. What do you shoot through it and what are your best groupings? I'm struggling with mine. It's a sporterized 03A3 remington model. I've tried several different rounds and cant seem to get any better then 1.5 inches. I tried 150g core lockt, 150g fusion, 180g Win. PowerPoint and 168g gold medal match. The core locket was the best with everything else being slightly worse and the fusion the biggest groups with shots off the paper. I recently picked up hornady garand match with 168g eld and some.bulk mil spec stuff to try. I did notice some pitting in the bore. I'm gonna give it a good cleaning with some solvents to get rid of any copper fouling before I go the next time to see if that helps also. The rifle is in really good shape and super clean. It would be a shame if the barrel is just wasted beyond use. Any suggestions on a different factory round would be appreciated. Thanks

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