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Originally Posted by Dave Hoback View Post
These threads are funny. Thirty-seven some odd different opinions in the span of a day or two. LOL!

Truth is for the VAST % of all of us, it simply doesn’t matter what rifle you start with. Whether a Remington, Winchester, Savage, Tikka, Howa..One of the quality smaller companies or Custom Actions...They can all be a quality distance shooter. A quality rifle off the shelf with some trigger work, decent optic & hand loads will get you a UNDER 800yds no problem. When talking about 1000yds or even greater, things like 20” barrels, and using 308, are already a handicap.

Serious consideration of extended ranges, you should be thinking 6.5mm, 24/26” or greater length barrel & reloading.

What package you do it in is a question of personal preference and budget.

I have always been a Savage enthusiast. I chose to pick up a used 10 Action for next to nothing, stripper it down for the old “home” blueprinting, then did a complete build in 6.5-08. Stuck it in the Chassis I liked with my own custom made butt stock, and topped with Athlon Glass.

Not others cup o’ tea, and that’s fine. But I do what I like & can afford. Is it a really good shooting rifle? Yup! Not best ever, of course not..but it’s a far cry more accurate than I am! (Or anyone else here!)
So what exactly are you saying here hoback? Your savage rifle is more accurate than anyone here can shoot?
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