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Originally Posted by 200Apples View Post
BFG, have you a lever or two already?
None. With the exception of my Deagle, I try to have a use for each gun I buy.

Originally Posted by 200Apples View Post
The most beautiful lever carbine imho is the Winchester 1892 Short Rifle, 20 barrel, deep gloss blued, short rifle forend configuration.
That is beautiful... but there's something about the Henrys...

Originally Posted by kingransom View Post
Skinner sights look beautiful on any lever gun and really help to extend the effective range with traditional sights
me likey

Originally Posted by deckhandmike View Post
The .17hmr only starts to shine once you add a scope. Might as well just get a .22lr for normal plinking ranges.
maybe it's conceit on my part, but I like to imagine shooting soda cans at 100 yards with this thing... and I've never quite trusted .22LR at that range.
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