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Right, a lot of CA natives are moving out (I'm in the long drawn out process). And a lot of 2A supporters here are disheartened, will there be the amount of new users needed to support and/or grow the forum? So where do current trends lead the CalGuns forum?

Well, the forum needs advertisers and contributors to keep going. But gun stores and manufacturers are being squeezed too.

If CG does not provide content and discussion that users want/need, the advertisers have less incentive and money to advertise, the forum weakens.

So, its obvious that CG needs to find a way to continue to draw new people.

I'm not going to have an answer for that, because my answers are not popular and frankly that's part of the problem with this forum. This forum is shaped by the leadership and the forum members. I'm not a fan of the arrogant leadership/ownership and I tend to be critical of the community.

So my answer would be change the leadership. Then perhaps, the forum will change.

As for content, I like the thumbs up/down of Bladeforums, and I'd like to see more emphasis on outdoors/camping and equipment.

I would like to see more activism, but as I've said before, CG sucks at this (see my comments a few posts up).

That's all I can say. I no longer spend much time here, because I find it boring.
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