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Originally Posted by ShaunBrady View Post
I found a Timney on sale for $149 and went with that. It breaks at 2# even. One of my other 2 RPRs still has the stock trigger and it's fine.

It appears to be the same trigger as the short action guns, but the original Timney housing had to be modified because the trigger cutout in the action was shorter on the big guns and Timney skips the spring loaded locking piece at the back of the housing. The new Timneys have been modified to fit both guns, but heads up if you get old stock.

The old design had material behind the rear lug that prevented the trigger from dropping into the receiver and sliding into place.

I modified the housing on mine to remove that material, and so has Timney on current production.
I actually went with the Timney too, but eventually returned it. The amount of overtravel on the Timney was unbearable. I had set my second stage to about 1 lb. Trigger went something like this:

1. Creep
2. 8 Oz first stage
3. 1 lb second
4. Hard, glass breaking firing
5. Lots of overtravel

The above is not smooth, and I was actually shooting much worse with the Timney than the original trigger set to 2.5 lbs. with the Timney I could rarely shoot below .5 inch groups at 100 yards.

Glad to hear the RPR magnum has the same trigger. Iíve kicked around the idea of getting one
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