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Default TC Compass Modifications

Stock Stiffening and Butt-stock Fill

The foreend of the TC Compass synthetic stock is weak and easily flexes, so Iím trying to reduce that at a cheaper cost than replacing the stock entirely, for now. A Boydís stock or other chassis eventually may be nice but maybe this will suffice and it will stay with me. Here we go!

I got some ideas from YouTube videos, such as the plastic BBs.

Butt stock is getting filled with silicone per some YouTube videos I watched and thought it was a good idea as well.

Supplies from Amazon.
The black plastic weld epoxy is one of several options but nothing really adheres well to glass reinforced nylon so youíre going for the best you can get. There are other options out there, even surface prep treatments that supposedly help, search if you like. I forged ahead with this.

Remove foam.

Add new sling attachment for cross-body front carry.

Add reinforcement for it. Do not over tighten this stud as you squish the stock wall in to the center web and the recoil pad wont fit anymore. The plastic BBs for air soft are hopefully (intent without analysis) making a lattice here for structure at less weight and less brittle than solid epoxy would be here. The attachment is through the side and into the nylon glass synthetic stocks own center web anyway so probably not needed but why not.

Fill butt stock with silicone and insert the recoil pad, keep in mind this will be a destructive removal if you want to replace the recoil pad from this point. If you donít want that then use less silicone and make sure to cure before inserting it.

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