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Originally Posted by D.carden View Post
Please tell me you're kidding...... Under the clock.!!!.... an instructor.!!!! How about a thug pointing a gun at you're head..... Now that is stress...... Man you need to get this competition thing as a 'end all, i can save the world' notion out of you're head.... If the guy who win's the match is the only one that survives the fight...... You loose... every time..!!!!.... Nobody gets to sign a score sheet when the dust settles in the real world..... I'll try to find a link to an article that came across my FB page recently that will summarize where i'm headed with this.....
Yeah and where would we practice this at? The idea isnt that competition is the same stress you will experience on the street but it is a stress and practices gun handling skills among other things.

I dont understand where people think they are going to get this sort of practice ever. Perhaps you could pay a company to stage a random attack on you but give me a break its not realistic no matter what we do.

The only constant is gun handling and your ability to shoot. Everything else is forever changing and can not be rehearsed.
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