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Originally Posted by Anthraxian View Post
I will be happy to keep this list updated!

I am new to Calguns, I do not have an "original" name BTW.

My name is Dave, I live in Ventura county, California.
Welcome anthraxian.

Join us local Ventura County calgunners at the CGSSA monthly meet hosted by Island View Ent in Ventura, last Friday of every month! Also, a cleanup @ Glass Factory near Santa Barbara happening next weekend 05-11.

You're going to find it a bear to produce and upkeep a list like this. My sincere recommendation; Let it go.

...but if you're dead set on it, you absolutely must define the criteria better than "not supportive of our 2a rights" and only list those that match you're predefined, well thought out criteria.

An example:

Criteria #1 - Will not ship AR15 type stripped lower receivers.

So for this example, according to you, aimsurplus would make it on your list. In doing so, you're going to piss off all the C&R lovers who get their fix from that company. So is aimsurplus really unsupportive overall or only in a specific area? If you go after companies for not supporting one specific area, you're list will never end and it would be easier to list those companies who DO qualify under you're criteria.

Anyways, cheers and good luck.
Originally Posted by teg33 View Post
Welcome, don't listen to readysetgo.
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