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Chris Nessinger will be running a "shotgun only" stage this Saturday.

This is a good idea, as the CASC is at the end of September.

Because of this, I am stepping away for the weekend on another backpacking trip. (Building up the legs for archery season).

So to make it Multigun practice this Saturday. There will only be a dedicated "shotgun only" practice with Chris. (Not sure which bay at the moment).

Sooooooooo...I will be back in September with a vengeance!

Below is my September schedule:

1st week - Multigun practice.
2nd week - Multigun Intro class.
3rd week - Multigun match. (Me & Geoff will be the MD's).
4th week - CASC. (Vince will be the MD).

See y'all in September!

In Christ : Raymond
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