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Originally Posted by Horrendo Revolver View Post
Id much rather have the Bergara than anything Remington, Ruger or Savage puts out.
I think Ruger hit a home run with their Precision Rifle series. For around $1000, you get a relatively precise barrel on a solid platform with a decent trigger. Add to the fact that customization options are always growing, it's hard to go wrong with the RPR if you're just dipping your toes into long range shooting. Of course there is much better available, but I don't think Bergara's budget line is any better or worse than the RPR.

With a gun to my head, I'd choose a Bergara over the RPR because it takes AICS mags, and it's action is a remington 700 shape, which gives me a larger selection of aftermarket barrels and stocks. Regardless, I still think the RPR is a good rifle, and holds it's own in this particular price range.
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