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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
Immediately above your post was the answer to the insurance question.

It's the 28th. You can easily wait until Tuesday/Wednesday, but I wouldn't have high expectations about getting the LTC.

Being denied by a no-issue county should have no bearing on applications in more sensible places.

Being denied for cause, however, rather than the whim of the issuing agency, might be a reason for concern.

I didn't mean to be redundant in my question, I did read the above post but was still unclear. So, after Jan 1, 2012 the psychological testing, insurance, etc. will no longer be required of an applicant? That would leave it with just having a clean background (which I do have) and an acceptable probable cause (which I can mirror some of the existing ones listed fairly well, but I don't have any personal ties with ACSO or anyone else of influence).

I'm just in a position where I carry daily at work and need to disarm to legally travel back and forth each day. Personal protection aside, this puts me in a position where I always have a firearm in my vehicle and I would just feel much better about it if I had the ability to keep it on my person rather than leaving it unattended in the car where it could fall into the wrong hands. There has been too much activity in my immediate area lately that it has me concerned. I would certainly apply for a permit in an area of more consistent issuance; but here in Alameda County I have been unable to undergo the added expenses involved with all the added requirements they have imposed.
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