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Hello everyone! It has been very interesting to read all the comments on this thread. I am so great-full to see so many of you working toward making our lives a more safe and peaceful place though our second amendment right. I was just denied my CCW today! I'm the owner of a business in downtown Stockton near the movie theater. I am regularly transporting large sums of cash as a part of my daily routine. I am constantly having to deal with panhandlers and mentally unstable people, and most of the time they are pretty passive. However, lately I have noticed an increased agitation and aggressiveness most likely due to the fact that folks just don't have money to give them right now. This is making them more and more desperate and willing to take that extra step that we are all afraid will be taken some day. A lot of the time, they see me late at night in the business (we have a lot of large windows) and they wait outside for me to come out. As a business, we are currently calling 911 at least twice a week on a pretty regular basis and here is the scary part, no one shows up! I have Stockton police offices telling me in confidence that they are scared with the way things are... I don't blame the police department, with their decimated budget and ridiculously low number of officers. In fact, I really could care less who is at fault! I just don't understand why the Sheriff... The Sheriff that I VOTED FOR, will not allow me to protect myself, my family, and my co-workers!

Granted, I am no saint, but I am a very upstanding citizen. I worked for Lawrence Livermore Lab for almost 12 years were I held Just about every DOE security clearance there is including FIE. I have been polygraphed, drug tested, etc... I have no arrests on my record, and it has been years since I have even had so much as a parking ticket.

Although the letter does not give any reason what so ever as to why I was denied, the only reason I can think of as to why I would have been denied is because I have a medical marijuana card. I got one because I have serious medically proven issues with my back and neck, and this causes difficulty sleeping. I have seven years of medical records to back up this fact! I obviously could not try this solution when I worked at the Lab, so I tried everything else the doc suggested... nothing worked except for Lorazapam at high doses which is a highly addictive tranquilizer. I stopped taking them because I didn't want to become addicted. So I went to a DOCTOR after I left the lab to open my business three years ago and got a card and tried MJ. I don't want to go into this story too much, but the point is I did everything by the letter of the law SO I can say that I have never once in my whole life used any illegal drugs in any way. In addition, I would even be willing to give up MJ and live with the pain and lack of sleep to protect the lives of myself and my family.

Please keep up the fight. I will add myself to the volunteer list and do anything I can to help protect all of us law abiding citizens that just don't want to live in fear of our lives any longer.
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