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Originally Posted by harbinger007 View Post
You might consider if PC 12025.5 could reasonably be held as a defense.

If you park your vehicle in a garage when coming home, you might also consider carrying an unloaded handgun in a locked case with ammo in a magazine next to it and you could then carry in your home (and in your front yard unless it's in a school zone). There's helpful info in the wiki at

Hopefully, you'll get a CCW soon but the Sheriff might suggest that you carry pepper spray instead, etc., unfortunately.
As for my parking situation, I park on the street in front of my house. And I do carry an empty pistol with a loaded mag close at hand in my trunk when I go back and forth.

Based on what I read in the GC examples, I more than qualify. So that isn't something I'm necessarily worried about.

I'm more worried about how easy the sheriff seems to be turning applications down and bending or disregarding law because he's more worried about the politics. At least that's the vibe I'm getting from all the rants and what I assume to be legal action in process. I don't really want to turn an app in, shell out the cash and then have him reject it just because he's on a rejection spree.

That's why I subscribed to the thread and will keep monitoring for good news. Hopefully...

Also, PC 12025.5 seems to deal more with a specific person or persons that can possibly be identified and have a restraining order placed upon. I have no idea who keeps trying to break into my house nor do I really want to find out. Whoever they are, they seem pretty persistent on breaking in. Either that or my neighborhood is crap and it's not the same person.

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