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Originally Posted by kusanagikei View Post
Are there any updated statistics as to how many CCWs were issued? The CA DOJ site only has records up till 2007 ( ). That would be an interesting statistic.

In the last month I not only scared off one burglar (who dropped a knife when fleeing the premises) but another one just this week (probably the same moron). I come home anywhere between 9 and 12PM because of work. I really don't want to be unarmed the next time I run into someone trespassing on my property...

I'm looking to get my CCW ASAP. But damn with the run-around I'm reading about, it sounds like the idea of me getting one anytime soon is unlikely.

If there's any of you who did successfully get one, I'd love to hear your story about the process.
You might consider if PC 12025.5 could reasonably be held as a defense.

If you park your vehicle in a garage when coming home, you might also consider carrying an unloaded handgun in a locked case with ammo in a magazine next to it and you could then carry in your home (and in your front yard unless it's in a school zone). There's helpful info in the wiki at

Hopefully, you'll get a CCW soon but the Sheriff might suggest that you carry pepper spray instead, etc., unfortunately.
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