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Originally Posted by Keith4him View Post
Ok, Stanislaus folks tell me what I'm supposed to do to respond to this, my serial # matches the one listed on the application, here is the email from the Sheriff. This is my 3rd renewal with the same gun.

Your application for a concealed handgun permit cannot be approved without additional information.

Good afternoon. We are processing your CCW application however we are unable to verify the weapon/s listed as:

Glock 17 9mm DRM062

Please check the serial number against the weapon/s itself, not a current permit, box or sales receipt, to ensure accuracy. If you need a correction/s, please sign back into Permitium and upload the information legibly on a separate piece of paper then fax the same document to 209-525-7111 including your name, order number and signature requesting and authorizing any change/s. If a correction is required and you have already taken your safety training course, you will need to contact your provided and have your safety certification corrected and upload the corrected safety training certificate also. Weapon/s listed on the application must match what is on the safety training certification or by law they cannot be added. If provided instructions for correction/s are not followed, no correction can or will be made. Please note also that weapons that are not registered to you or to a spouse are not permitted.

If no correction is required, you do not need to contact us.

Just make sure the Guns ser number matches the one on the safety cert and your App -

I had the same issue,, Showed them a picture of the gun - no issue,,, they said that DOJ could not find it ??? not a problem for me.. My info was correct.. They just want to make sure the number on your CCW IS the number on your gun..
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