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Originally Posted by GreggieBoy View Post
Don't worry the anti's will pull out all the stops to prevent it. It would probably good for the local economy but the Brady bunch and all the rest will stack the hearings and meetings with their anti-gun groups.

Look at what happened with Turners in San Carlos. That old bat from San Jose showed up with her little anti-gun printout signs and passed them out.

Hard to believe how stupid local governments are when they allow themselves to have outsiders with agendas coming in to influence local decisions.

The one guy in the newscast, Michael Selby, was on ranting and raving about guns sole purpose was to kill. The. When itís done killing, it would kill and kill some more. Several threads on the gun range were deleted my the moderators. That Selby fellow has pretty thin skin and only brought emotion to the argument. And of course, since heís gay, he would be the first one to be shot since everyone is out to kill gays with a gun they steal outside a gun shop in Martinez. *sarcasm off*

Yeah, downtown isnt the greatest location, but itís a location and itís close by and would give us locals a spot to go shoot other than USI.
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