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Originally Posted by Romeo_alpha01 View Post
Iíve got a few vintage gun cases that are hard to come by. Iíd like to restore them.

First one is a old beretta negrini case with exterior surface scratches on it. The other is a vintage Walther paper box with wear on the edges.

Any idea how to go about polishing these oldies a bit? Iím not opposed to even recreating the paper box with real wood.

If the old cases are wood I can give some tips, but if theyíre paper no. (Iím unclear of the composition of the Beretta case. If itís wood, does it have a logo or artwork on it? And if so, how is it applied? Is the wood colored or stained?)

I have several old Ruger cardboard boxes for Old Model SA revolvers, and some S&W revolver boxes from the Ď50ís, and thereís not much you can do if the cardboard or paper coverings are damaged or degraded.
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