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Originally Posted by Tacit Blue View Post

Has anyone ever obtained actual employment from this site? I re-rechecked all my supporting doucments and I re-read the announcement and can't understand why I was given a " incomplete status". Ha.
Yeah usajobs is where the vast majority of agencies hire from. The key is to use a rifle/shotgun approach.

First you narrow down realistically to the type of jobs you qualify for. Set up an email alert.

Second you apply to all those jobs and move on.

With a minimum of a 4yr college degree or military service you qualify for a GS/GL 5 position.

Also personally when I was applying I only apply to jobs that have many vacancies. Cause if you are applying jobs with 1 vacancy then it's possible someone else is more qualified.

Homeland Security is hiring a lot of Border Patrol agents and those pay 6 figures after 5 years on the job.

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