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Originally Posted by anbu_yoshi View Post
This is correct. I can attest that agencies are mandated to post a job publicly before filling the positions. Many times a candidate has already been decided.

You have to get your foot in the door via other means first. Agencies will almost always hire from internal pools before external.
That's why you have to look at how long the job posting is open for. If it is a short window that means, most likly the job is going to be given to an internal hire. You really need to just blank apply to hundreds of jobs on USAjobs. Also it might help to have 3-4 different resumes on there that very in verbiage. I can tell you now, theres alot of jobs open for OCONUS as well as DC. given the state of Affairs, everyone will get hired if they apply to a job in Korea atm. There is a mass exodus of Civilian jobs lol
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