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Originally Posted by ifilef View Post
So, I have a Sightmark laser boresighter and I think it will be useless for me due to its being a red beam and can't use it even at an indoor range due to inability to secure rifle there. And forget about using it outdoors unless at night or one has a green laser. Also there isn't enough distance to use it inside my apartment.

As I understand it, using the mirror method, the scope becomes centered. I would guess that is similar to a mechanical zero for the scope. It's a good thing to do because one can also confirm the turrets are tracking from the get-go.

To get it boresighted, I will be trying out the Bushnell magnetic bore sight. and see how it goes. Figure that for ~$32 it's worth it as it acts as a collimator with internal grid and can be used on the rifle at home. It's important to situate it on the barrel so that it aligns properly with your can slide it up or down to accomplish a proper alignment with the objective. Pic: . This is the less expensive version without the arbors and accessories.

Then it's to the outdoor range and will hopefully be on paper and zeroed with two or three shots at 50 yards. Two-shot method:

Cheers, and thanks for the advice!
Update: Returning the Bushnell Magnetic Boresighter as it did not meet expectations. Too inexact setting it on barrel and I don't want to incur additional expense of arbors, accessories.

Will be keeping the Sightmark laser boresighter. I just realized (by trying at home at short distance) that I could use it without securing rifle securely and make adjustments to scopes at my indoor range notwithstanding lack of table area. Can make scope adjustments to align crosshairs with the projected beam while holding rifle on the target. Using a bipod should help. Should be fine getting on paper and will do final zero at outdoor range at 50 yards using the 2 or 3-shot method, with rifle secured.
Two-shot zero:

Update: Found a green laser boresighter on Amazon that may eliminate indoor range trip. It's $29.99, Dophee is the brand name. Don't know if mounting it on an AR with muzzle brake will work. Also, the Dophee does not ship for at least a month! The Sightmark red laser does fit on my muzzle brake.


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