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Originally Posted by Interstateguns View Post
Unless you just really want to know how many clicks you scope really as compared to the factory printed specs (which are typically understated) i find the mirror method easiest to mechanically center an erector tube.

Take the objective lens and place it against the mirror and look through it. You will see two reticle images.

Turn your adjustment knobs (elevation and windage) till the two images become one and you're done.

It might not be exact but its good enough for me.

Chris- I've read about this method but it was never described adequately for me to attempt it. Your explanation is the best that I've found, but i do have a question or two:

1. I don't have any handheld mirror, can i do it against a medicine cabinet mirror or sliding mirrored closet door?

2. Should the objective be placed flush against the mirror?

3. With a variable magnification lens, e.g, for example 3-9x, what setting of magnification should be used for this method?

Thanks I came across a YT video concerning this method:

Later: The video answered all of the above questions but I must say the mirror method does not conform to the alternate method on my Weaver 2-7x32mm scope when i've done the setting between click extremities. But I believe the mirror method may be better overall for centering the scope.

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