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Originally Posted by cosmos7 View Post
I'm wondering if the new SLOPD chief coming from Arizona and espousing to care about people's constitutional rights is finally going to mean CCWs for the city of SLO.
When did Chief Deanna Cantrell take office?
Deanna Cantrell, Police Chief 805-781-7256

As you can see, their FAQs page has applying for a CCW as their top question.

Unfortunately, their CCW "procedure" document (embedded link on the FAQs page), does not give any information re. what qualifies as GC, or what standard they use to determine sufficient GC. Since that is decided during "Phase One" of the application process, you might want to contact the Administrative Captain who makes that decision:
Keith Storton, Administrative Police Captain 805-781-7118

Also unfortunately, in "Phase two" they require a $150 psychological evaluation by a Dr. Katz in Ventura. Fortunately, that expense in time, money and effort is only AFTER they've accepted your GC.

Be sure to let us know what you find out!

ETA: Looks like the new Chief took office on Jan 4th and will be officially sworn in on Jan 19th ( IMO, I'd wait a month or, preferably, two before contacting the PD re. the chief's GC standard. ETA2: Per my post #276 below, seems like it would be best to contact her ASAP re. CCWs. One good bit of info is that she started her LE career just when AZ went from No Issue to Shall Issue, so I'm sure it was a big deal waiting to see what would happen, how the public would behave, when allowed to CC (blood in the streets fighting over parking spaces, high noon shootouts after fender-benders). Remember, back in '93, the nation had a LOT LESS experience w/Shall Issue than in 2016.

If Chief Cantrell does liberalize CCW issuance, that would be a MAJOR win for folks in SLO Co since 1/6th of the county's population lives in SLO city.

Never mistake being delusional for being optimistic.

230+ examples of CCWs Saving Lives.

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