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I do payroll for a migrant labor force of about 1000. Because of how spread out the workers live (Fresno county, to Monterey county, down to Santa Barbara county) I have to deliver payroll to the foreman on remote ranches sometimes where they are working. Because we are only a payroll service and I dont know the workers personally, I think it would be a good idea to be armed. I drive around sometimes with as must as a half million in payroll during harvest and as little as $100,000 per week in my truck. These crews out number me 20 to 1 and know that im the money man. If the payroll were to ever be stolen from me, these guys would be able to cash these checks faster than we could put a stop payment on them due to the sheer number of checks.
Do you think this scenario would warrant a CCW in SLO county? And, do you think this is enough to get one here?
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