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Originally Posted by dkenszii View Post
I applied for a ccw back in January 2015 and my appointment was set for January 2016. I got lucky and my appointment was moved up to tomorrow. Any advice from any one who has completed the process with success?
Review the policy documents on the website. Have the forms filled out. Be 100% truthful on the forms (I did a bit of research to have all my dates correct and make sure I was not forgetting anything, including a DMV record check).

You get to list 3 handguns tomorrow max and you cannot change them for 2 years (at renewal). Be polite and businesslike. Not much different than going to DMV.

They will take your initial fees, have you fill out another form or two, photo you, and LiveScan you.

Prepare for a long wait after that. <strike>12 weeks</strike> 4 months minimum until they call you for your telephone interview.

If you have a clean background, I would get your training done and turned in as well. Even a less than clean background is OK, so long as you have been clean in recent years (not sure how recent that is, but 10 years works for me).

Let us know how it goes :-)

If you travel at all, you might get your UT (good in 31 states, including WA & ID), AZ (good in NV now), and OR permits while you wait. The first two you can do via mail, and the third you do at Klamath County Sheriff. You will get all 3 of these permits before you get your CA CCW, even if you do them one at a time.
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