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Originally Posted by elkhorn98 View Post
Are you providing 3 character letters and a Dr.s note or telling them those are illegal to ask for?
All I have done is submit my application and pay the $20. They only ask for other stuff later, assuming they accept your app. I also recall (from somewhere in this thread) that they are not asking for the doctors note anymore.

In answer to the question, will I provide 3 letters if I get that far? Yes.

While many argue that it is not legal under 26150. The SCSO believe that it is. Regardless, I don't really have a dog in this fight, as it is a relatively trivial task to get a few of my friends to supply letters. (And IMO the requirement is idiotic, as even a gang-banger or serial killer can get a few letters of reference, so it's completely pointless.)

Originally Posted by elkhorn98 View Post
And how can the sheriff state on the website that Santa Rosa residents can't apply?
Again, many argue that the sheriff's must accept your application, even if you live in a city with another issuing authority. This is not something I have to deal with, as I live in county.
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