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Originally Posted by armenjs802 View Post
Place few of the rifles staggered barrel down saved me extra room.
Actually, I'm able to use about 12 spots out of 14 in one safe. The other... well, I haven't gotten around to Tetris'ing it yet However, my M1 Carbine sits nicely in the corner because it's so short, it doesn't take up space

Originally Posted by Bainter1212 View Post
OP you need a US Model of 1917 in that mix. Maybe a Pattern 14 to compliment that.
I've looked, but an Eddystone/ P14 doesn't interest me

Originally Posted by Syntax Error View Post
I like that Madsen. You'll have to bring it out one of these C&R shoots so we can all try it out.
Dude, it kills my cheek. I'll try to remember to bring it out. I did not like shooting it at all to be honest. I'll keep it for historical significance, and I like the looks of it, but it will prob rarely be shot unless I get a gel pad for the cheekweld...
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Originally Posted by ThemBastards View Post
Judging from the last shoot I think we are the wrong group to ask about sighting in Mosins haha.
Originally Posted by knucklehead0202 View Post
I don't want dreamcatchers or AR crap, I want ugly old guns!
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