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Originally Posted by silvergreek View Post
I have been told that it is an unwritten policy in San Francisco tha anyone with a valid CCW will spend the night in jail. Their reason is that the SF Police Depthas limted personnel and cannot get to it until the following day.

Can anyone confirm this or have they exprerienced this?
This bit of FUD just refuses to die. Unless you have a restriction printed on your license that says you can't carry in SF then it is legal to carry there. Tossing me in the klink for doing nothing wrong because they may or may not like my LTC would create a very nice documentation trail for my attorney.

FWIW I have not set foot in SF without at least one gun on me in 4+ years. Never had any sort of issue.
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Originally Posted by 7x57 View Post
Sacramento would declare martial law sooner than they'd meet with Gandhi, Gautama Budda, and Jesus Christ if the three were packing heat.
Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Even people not from San Francisco can appreciate a good public spanking like this.
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