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Originally Posted by jb7706 View Post
POSTED PROHIBITED federal facilities staffed by federal employees [TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 44 > 930 Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities]
Social Security Administration offices
US Military Installations
The other day I take my son down the the Navy Recruiters office, which is located in a public strip mall. It is sparsely furnished and is only open afternoons on irregular days.

No signs on the door. (I checked later.)

I am killing time playing Sudoku as he goes over some paperwork and I happen to notice a crappy 6th-generation photocopy crudely taped to some promotional signboard over by the TV and couches. I was across the room, so it was too far away for me to read it completely, but I could make out enough that it was prohibiting all weapons. I thought to myself, "How in the hell is a legitimate law-abiding person supposed to be notified by this?"

Since I was carrying at the time, I didn't want to bring attention to myself by taking a picture of the sign. (The only people in the place were two recruiters, myself and my son.)

When he was done, we left.

Since the military leases it and the people working there are military types, I guess this would be a "Federal Facility staffed by Federal Employees".

However, my question is: Does this constitute "POSTED PROHIBITED"? There is no way that someone walking in and directly sitting down to talk to a recruiter would be even capable of seeing this notice.
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