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Default No ccw in Orange County parks, beaches, or rec areas

Like at John Wayne Airport, there is an ordinance that applies to Orange County parks, beaches, and recreation areas. Can not carry, but can be locked in trunk (separate from passenger area).

Sec. 2-5-37. Firearms, weapons, fireworks, replica firearms.

No person shall have any fireworks, firearms, replica firearms, air gun, paint ball gun, BB gun, slingshot or bow or hunting arrow or any weapon in his possession or in his vehicle other than in a closed trunk, storage compartment or other area separated from the passenger section of the vehicle, in any park, beach or recreational area, nor shall any person discharge any firearm, fireworks or weapon or display any replica firearm upon or into any park, beach or recreational area; provided, however, that the Director may designate areas in which such activity is permitted.

(Ord. No. 99-21, 2, 8-31-99)
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