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Originally Posted by RunsWithGuns View Post
Thanks Dvrjon... I just hate trying to read these codes for fear of jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Comments appreciated! Thanks.
Stop it! You're over-worrying this. Read the Wiki.

Read the Wiki, then read the Code. Repeat as necessary. If you have specific questions, post in the forums with a specific title.

Originally Posted by RunsWithGuns View Post
For #3 / Child Care Center So, 18 US Code Sec 922 (a) (q) (2) (B) (ii) is the exemption for the LTC/CCW for schools? I could see an argument for child day care being a form of private school, so a school exemption seems to cover it better than day care not being specified.
What you can possibly "see" doesn't matter. California School Zone is defined as K-12: See PC 626.9(e)(1) and 626.9(l).

Originally Posted by RunsWithGuns View Post
For #2 / PD/Sheriff's Office seems weird they would issue the license but exclude their own premises. Wish we had a case or code or quote/letter of some sort to reference there too. In part because it's become common for the PD to space-share with other departments and businesses. Anyone have something to add?
Police Stations: seriously, how often do you think this is really a problem? How often do you frequent the PD/sheriff office. There are other things to litigate.

-"Letters": What you're suggesting would ultimately mean you'd be carrying a binder full of letters. If asked, most would say, "No", due to the potential liability of allowing access. Owners of property can set parameters for entering their premises.

While you seem to require written instructions on exactly where and when you can carry, Some prefer less guidance and structure to the process to maintain some latitude on decisions regarding CCW.


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