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Originally Posted by RunsWithGuns View Post
Three areas to clarify if anyone has new info? Saw a couple notes but not sure.

For current CCW permit with no restrictions... and in each case assuming nothing is posted

1) City Council meetings (concerned might fall under any legislative office cite that follows: "The State Capitol, any legislative office, any office of the Governor or other constitutional officer...") from first list in this thread

2) Police department / Sheriff's office. Pretty sure it's legal, but is it enough of a gray area that should lock my gun in the car whenever there on business?

2) Child Care center (does this fall under schools or have it's own restrictions?)
1. Local government is not covered by PC 171. However, local governments may believe they can establish restrictions through local ordinances.

2. Local government issue. However, since law enforcement issues the CCWs and likes to know who has guns in the station house, calling ahead seems prudent.

3. Child Day Care is not included in school definitions. See
However, location is important. Example: Day care center in a federal building; no carry due to federal regulation.
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