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Originally Posted by e90bmw View Post
I decided yesterday to take the plunge.
I'm in the process of gathering all documentation. They want ticket/accident information for the last five years. I have a ticket in Fremont and I don't have the information, so down to the courthouse.

We'll see at what phase they kill the application, but I plan to apply.
The procedure is on the website.
All they can do to me is tell me no.

I think I have a legit cause.
1. I was robbed at gunpoint by 2 guys. The bad guys have my ID, address and place of work. They stole cash and about $10K in jewelry.
2. I am a Notary Public and a Real Estate Broker and am often alone conducting business with people I do not know in areas that may not be safe.

The long process begins.
We shall see.......
By all means, pay the money for the application if you feel Calguns foundation is going to file suit on your behalf in a mandamus action, including an administrative appeal if any, under CCP 1094.5. Otherwise, thedrickel is right- your application fee may become another donation. Stay strong.
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