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Originally Posted by sarabellum View Post
Help me out folks. I read each post in this thread. Where do we stand on applying for a concealed carry permit? Is the process stagnant? I would like to apply for the license.
I haven't kept up w/things in Ala Co per se, but we Californians who want LTCs and live in anti counties (most major urban counties), are waiting for the 9th federal circuit court of appeals in SF to release their decision/opinion in the Peruta-Richards-Baker carry cases. The oral arguments were last Dec, so we're expecting the decision sometime in the next 6 months.

We're also hoping SCOTUS decides to take the Wollard (MD) carry case. Cert. has been requested, so hopefully by Oct 2nd we'll know if they'll take it (although they may decide to take it much later this coming term).

IIRC, if you compare the Good Cause statements that have resulted in getting an Ala Co CCW and you can truthfully state that you have the same/similar GC and you have time, money, and effort you can afford to waste, feel free to apply. You just may win the lottery.

For the rest of us whose only GC is "mere" self-defense/exercise our 2nd A RKBA: most of us are waiting for the fed cts to force issuance, assuming our side wins. We're hoping to win by next 4th of July, or at latest, by 2015 July 4th (SCOTUS' term ends at the end of ea June).

In the mean time, the antis/Dems in Sacto are trying to **** us w/gun control laws. Focus on opposing those and getting all of your friends, family, coworkers, shooting buddies, and church friends to also oppose them.

Wish I had better news.... In the mean time, go thru the links in my sig line to motivate/encourage you to stay in the fight. After all, as they said in Red Dawn (the original), we'll NEVER stop fighting for our RKBA because ... "We live here!"
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