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Originally Posted by AeroEngi View Post
I've gone up to 24.6 gr of Varget behind a 77 gr Nosler CC projectile with no pressure signs whatsoever using LC brass. I'm planning on going up to 24.8 gr next in search of that perfect load. Rifle was my SPRish build with 18" WOA SPR barrel with 223 Wylde chamber. However, YMMV. Always work up your loads in YOUR rifle and don't just blindly use someone else's load.
I've done load development with the same components a few weeks back from 22-24.7 @.3 grain increments. A bit of primer cratering starts at 24.4 and very obvious at 24.7.

I am using a noveske 16 barrel. I settled for 24 grains.

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