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I did check each and every round when I loaded them. OAL was 2.800" that's .010 under SAAMI specs.

But you are correct I have since checked the rounds and found that they in fact are contacting the rifling inside the barrel and not allowing the rifle to go into battery.

I made a dummy round and kept seating it until the bullet didn't touch the rifling. I ended up having to seat the rounds to 2.750". This seams to be quite short being .050 below suggested OAL suggested by Seirra and .070 short of SAAMI specs.
I'll shoot the hell out of it next match and see what happens. Good observation on your part. I think this thing is short chambered myself.
As for slow butts, it was a non issue to me! I wasn't setting any records, and I was there for snap I, fun, and to get some good data! You did fine! But you'd better pick it up next time around or Beavis will have a heart attack! LOL

As you said and told me I shot the spotter 3 times I think at the 600. Means. The rifle will shoot a good group when I do my part. Every round I fired at the 6 was called correctly and the dope adjustments I made did as advertised. I used quite a few rounds between dope adjustments wanting good data and not making wild as guesses.
Being the first time I have shot for distance in 15 years, 1st time with this rifle, this load and 1st match I ever shot I'm not dis pleased!

Now the suspected short chambering and the aprox 12 other issues I had with this rifle when I got it from the smith do piss me off!
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