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I wouldn't directly bury your PV steel post into the ground but incase it in concrete with rebar. This is a structural and longevity thing as soil like to eat steel. Make sure the rebar and steel post have a solid connection together then to a dedicated ground rod. Make sure your panels also have there own ground wires and if available use shielded cable for your electrical connections. The shielding needs to be taken to ground also. Your batteries and controller should be an a faraday cage. This might protect your exposed PV system from am EMP.

The NEC calls for a minimum of a 6' ground rod with minimum resistance. I doubt your ground was given a resistance test, just a visual. The ground wire is connected to your panel and then to each electrical circuit in your house. This is the antenna effect in an EMP. Same as those overhead power lines.

You can tie you PV ground and faraday ground into your house ground but I would only do it with each of them having their own ground rod at a minimum and direct bury bare copper wire from ground rod to ground rod. I would bury it at least 12" deep and oversize the wire to something like a #4 solid. If you do this I would also salt the ground around the ground rod and the buried wire. Dig a 12" round, 12" deep pit around the ground rod and fill it with rock salt, and heavily water. Do this for a few days. Cover the wire in the trench with rock salt also, only enough to cover the wire, then heavily water and back fill the trench. The salt helps to make a better earth ground as it leaches deeper into the soil, salinium is conductive.
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