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Originally Posted by wild_weasel View Post
I'm happy with the buck ammo I buy at Wal-Mart for home defense;
Remington or Federal 115gr JHP for my 9mm's
Remington 125 JHPs for my 357 Magnums’
Winchester White Box 230gr FMJ in my 45 Autos
I doubt if any evil doer would be able to tell me the difference between bulk and premium ammo.
Whoa there, there is a HUGE difference in the terminal performance when you go from FMJ bulk ammo to a purpose-built defense load.

A FMJ bullet is built to punch clean holes in paper, while not fouling your gun or the range with excessive lead. This design also causes the bullet to punch through drywall, clothing, and flesh and keep going. Can you say "innocent bystander"?

A self defense or home defense JHP is designed to hit the same materials and rapidly expand, thus expending all of its energy in a target or obstacle. This creates huge wound channels and prevents the round from over penetrating and hitting other objects. Fewer unintended consequences.

That being said, I'd rather not be shot with a JHP or a FMJ
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