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Originally Posted by ebencikiv View Post
^ For that install you would need a three gang box and ring I would use a 4 gang box with a 3 gang ring for more room.

The only problem is you have to open the wall stud to stud then patch and paint. It's nice for a new install but a PIA for a remodel unless you are cool with sheetrock work.

And do not forget to get a barrier for the box because you can't have 120v and data cable in the same box without one per code. I have done it with a cut in box but it was an after thought and a royal PIA lol.
I am actually pretty lucky, as my the mounting wall is right under the stairs, and it is all empty space with it looks like plenty of room and under the stairs is probably not sheet-rocked inside... one cut on top, one on the bottom, maybe a fire-break drilling (stick hand in wall-easy) and mount, I assume...

Under the stairs is unfinished on the inside, I believe, so should not have inner-sheet-rock.

I am not fond of places for spiders to live and crawl out of, so the dangler-cable route is out of the question for me...
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