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I will prolly lean towards a raceway. I can get the white ones and paint them gray or granite to match hopefully. I saw some of those wiremolds and they looked nice. I will basically line the walls with them towards the bottom. Most of the wires will be hidden anyways, going through the walls will make a small hole and I saw those 1 gang hole frame thingies for low voltage. I was already gonna use about four of those.

The problem I found with raceways prior to finding the wiremold was that in microcenter and lowes and depot and a few other places I looked, I only found raceways at a price of about $5 a foot or so.

As for POE there will be none of that here. Not in this job. Everything is gonna be cat5e cables hidden the best I can. There are no POE devices here.

I will contact the main office though and find out where they got their paint from.

I have not done any of this before so I thought I would simply ask to see what is acceptable before I do any work. There are no codes that I am aware of for post construction low voltage/network cables.

Thanks folks. Good ideas to keep in mind here.
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