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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
it isn't about the receiver itself, it is how you want to DROS it.

you can DROS a Glock35 frame the same way you DROS a stripper AR receiver, as a Long Gun. YOu can do that so that you can put one of those carbine uppers on it. There are CA FFLs that will DROS it that way for you.

But if you decide to do that and then build it up as a pistol, you might run afoul of CA's SBR laws.
Any idea where can I find one of these FFLs? It seems to me if they aren't on Calguns, its like hunting unicorns...

Is part of the 'problem' the fact that 'pistol' frames are incredibly rare? I suppose 1911 patterns are readily available, but Glock frames are essentially non-existent.

Do the legal factors change if a complete pistol arrives at a dealer from a distributor and the FFL separates the handgun into Frame + Parts?

Complete handgun arrives at FFL.
FFL logs into bound book as handgun.
FFL separates handgun into 'frame + parts'
FFL sells frame only to buyer as "Long-gun/other" for DROS/4473 ('parts' never go to the buyer)
Buyer builds carbine using frame. (If after 1/1/14 buyer submits volreg for rifle?)
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