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Originally Posted by Bigtime1 View Post
Ok, ok, I set that one up.

But seriously. I'm curious. Do they go through your app line by line, question your GC statement? Delve into your moral character? Anything people can share so that others can be better prepared would seem helpful.

At this point Librarian usually pastes in a wiki...
I will share,

They will deny you straight out unless you are already from an annointed class of people. (politically connected to Gore, private business owner dealing in large amounts of money.)

The clerk will ask you have you considerded using mace, pepper spray, taser etc. They will also tell you you are free to turn in the application but will most likely be denied, but they will take your money anyway.

There are only about 700 or so civilian CCW's issued to San Diegans, so you will not get one.

In reality the entire first interview is to tell you that they dont issue ccw's unless you have a tremendous need, and even if you have the best reason, they can still choose to not issue for whatever reason they want.

I went in with prior military experience, combat veteran, badged city firefighter, State Paramedic and GC statement involving testifying on the stand regularly against criminal types encountered from work.

There response, and I quote "Oh, we cant give you a permit. If we give you a permit, then every other firefighter will come in hear and want one."
"Gun owners in California in 2011 are like black people in the south in 1955. If you don't understand that then your concepts of fighting for gun rights is just tilting at windmills." Gene Hoffman.

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