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Default Completed my Remington 870 Blackhawk Gen 2 Stock. ATI heat shield. Mesa 4 shot holder

Remington 870 - Gen II blackhawk! knoxx stock. ATI heat shield. Mesa 4 shot shell holder.

Hello everybody i wanted to express how glad i am to finish the mods to my Remington 870.

I must say it was truly a pain in the neck to get my shotgun together... but im glad its done...

Looks like all the problems of the new 870's i read about in the forums was about my shotgun, from stuck shells, crazy stock bolt thats wayyy to tight, and ill fitting ATI universal heat shield...

First I took my shotgun to the gunsmith to hone and polish the chamber due to spent shells being stuck.

Then after i got my shotgun back it was time to add the Knoxx Gen II stock but the bolt for the factory remington stock was literally impossible to take out even with a heavy duty screwdriver (the screwdriver was bending!) What i had to do is saw off the stock and use a vice grip to turn the bolt loose at a 90 degree angle while my friend held the gun... crazy... it was just as tough to get Blackhawk stock bolt securely back in. I decided to skip the forend due to fitting issues i read about, i like the look of the stock forend more than the Blackhawk gen II forend anyways..

After reading about the issues of the ATI universal heat shield scratching up the barrel and being ill-fitting, i was kinda reluctant to put that on. My buddy did that for me, he used a rubber mallet to shape the metal to the correct size of the barrel (of course the shield was taken off first and set on top of wood pallet to shape the shield with the rubber mallet) and got the heat shield to line up perfectly, tight and snug, withOUT any scratches, made it Look like the factory heat shield on the moss persuader, definitely happy with that... by the way i bought the ATI heat shield with the stupid plastic ghost rings, I did NOT put those on, i just left them off...

The Mesa 4 shot shell holder was simply bolted on... the whole thing took my buddy about hour and a half to 2 hours to finish everything. For his time i gave him some smokes and a few pounds of beef jerkey, what a deal!

I recently bought 3" high velocity remington sluggers and the regular 2.75 remington slugs, I havent shot the gun at the range yet, i will update yall as soon as I do!
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