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Originally Posted by Jumbi View Post
I bought a bunch from a variety of different sources, some from a guy in a parking lot, some off the internet.

The ones I bought off the internet have emails and credit card receipts to prove time, quantity, etc, which proves beyond any doubt I took was aware of and took full advantage of this Freedom Week, some of my other purchases from other sources that same week were cash, no receipt sales, but there are other ways to corroborate those purchases if I had to for a jury I suppose. I bought at least 70 mags, I was not required to retain proof, but have "some" proof- more than enough for any criminal inquiry, more than enough for any civil yeah, if L.E. has an issue with it, they are welcome to pound their face into a door to amuse me.
Fortunately, as long as the Constitution is obeyed by libtards (which we know how that goes....), you will never need to prove you acquired those mags legally. The state has to PROVE you did not. How would they do that? They couldn't, unless you bought them illegally from some undercover agent or something. Let freedom ring!!
Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.
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