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When my father-in-law passed away at home a few years ago, the deputy who arrived to perform the coroner duty informed my mother-in-law that he needed to take the firearms from the home (two full gun cabinets in the bedroom). Thankfully, my wife and her brother arrived about that time and the guns didn't go anywhere.

I can understand taking any firearms into custody if someone dies alone without any immediate family around, but I have to wonder if this is some kind of standard policy regardless of the circumstances.

In another incident, a friend of mine had all of his (legal) firearms and reloading equipment confiscated during a warrant search of his home. He was never arrested, nor was he ever charged with any crime. After trying to get his property returned for over a year, he was informed it had all been destroyed. It does happen. It seems that some agencies like to get guns "off the street" and don't like to return them to their lawful owners.
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