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Originally Posted by fmxmyway View Post
A little background on this question. My grandpa passed away from natural causes a little more than 6 months ago. He lived 70 miles east of San Diego by the border, so it was a dangerous area, drug runners, etc. He was by himself when he passed away and I guess it is standard protocol for the sheriffs department to confiscate all guns on site. He had close to 40 guns confiscated, some of which had 30 round magazines and were in the non-california modified versions (he bought all these mags and guns 14 plus years ago when they were legal in the state of California). The Sheriff told me that eventually, an investigator will call me to release the guns, if I want them. The sheriff knew that I was currently in the hiring process for a couple of 3 letter LE agencies and suggested that because of this, it might just be better to let them keep the guns.

So my question is will they ever reach out to my family to return the guns? I was to understand if they do not do it before a certain time then they end up destroying or keeping the firearms. Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge.
It is unusual for them to offer to hold them for you. If it is legel for you to take possession of the guns, you might consider taking them. Otherwise, request a detailed receipt for the items and guns. They will not reach out to you. It will be up to you to get the ball rollling and you will need to be peristent.

If it were me, I would be worried that they would be put on a list to be destroyed alongn with other guns in evidence.

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