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I too experienced illumination issues with my PCL. I could barely see it on the highest setting in the sun and it would still fade to black sometimes. I took it off and the illumination seemed to work fine but as soon as it was mounted up again the pressure around the tube made the illumination go crazy (only working on a few settings and turning on/off) And it wasn't even mounted that tight, as I tried mounting looser but the optic would spin in the rings. Another complaint was the weight, boy was that thing heavy. Also, the 1x setting was definitely not a true 1x setting. Almost a 2x setting actually imho.

I got the optic new for $227 so it was a great price and if it worked as advertised, it would def. be a great buy. Perhaps I just got a lemon or the first batch of these things had some issues. Hopefully they can get them squared away.
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