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For some reason negolien keeps insisting that birdshot is an effective manstopper. He has previously used a YouTube post by a hunter to back up his notion.

I will link to a law enforcement officer/surgeon who is a wound ballistic expert who says otherwise:

Plus there have been two posters in this thread with firsthand stories of people getting shot with birdshot who either lived or returned fire before expiring. Birdshot are for birds. Birdshot being 100% deadly at 20 feet is patently absurd. Negolien, YouTube posts from rural Kentuckians does not proof make.

Originally Posted by negolien View Post
The facts are simple and no amount of semantics will change it. Birdshot is 100% deadly within 20 feet or less PERIOD... We have seen #8 birdshot go thru a full set of ribs and into meat at longer range than most people would be at if engaging a threat at home. We have seen it go thru a FULL wall at like 20 feet and actually get a little penetraion on a 2nd wall. People just need to stop parsing their statements and accept the fact that birdshot is going to be deadly to an intruder beaking into your home if you hit him. We have also seen that Buckshot will with 100% certainty get alot of penatration evan at 20 feet and will go thru MULTIPLE walls.
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