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Originally Posted by yelohamr View Post
All of the talk about bird shot is for birds, is just talk. In 1978 my partner was promoted to sgt.
On Labor Day weekend of that year, he and his roommate were ambushed as they returned home. He was shot with a .410, loaded with bird shot, at close range. Before he died, he got off 5 rounds from his .38. The suspect was hit 5 times in the upper torso and ran about 50 yards before he died.

All of you keyboard ballistic experts can bite me and STFU.
First...sorry about your partner.

Second...exactly. From the BG's perspective, the threat was not stopped until he could return (accurately even) fire. It's not about what eventually kills the BG, it's about stopping the threat in the most expeditious manner.

The .38, with the loads of the day, were lacking as well.
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