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Originally Posted by sholling View Post
Whatever floats your boat, but if someone is coming at me from 8yds he's getting a double tap of 00 buck center mass. At 8yds there simply isn't time to stop and reevaluate the threat and reengage if he's still coming at you. A Shotgun isn't a Phaser and in the 1 second that it takes an already moving man to cover 8yds he may not even realize that he's been shot before he reaches you, and in reality is probably going to be no more than 2 yards away by the time of the 2nd shot in the double tap. Remember that even a fatal wound isn't always an instant stopper and the attacker may still have time to inflict fatal damage to you before he loses consciousness. The key to 12ga double taps is having the right tool for the job and practicing double taps with it.
People are thinking that this threat is contained to the house. What if your attacker decides to drag your kid outside to his car? Or, you wake up and some creep is going out the window with your kid? . . . game on and your assumptions can severely limit your ability to respond.
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